Is masturbation healthy : 10 reasons it is good for you

masturbation healthy

Many misconceptions and stereotyped stories have always been circulating regarding masturbation. However, science has it that jerking off is of great importance to men. You should never feel guilty about masturbation as it is an act that many people practice since the dawn of time. That wanking off from giving yourself sexual pleasure has even health benefits to your body. Ian Kerner, a sex counselor and psychotherapist argues that men should give themselves the sexual pleasure they deserve, and make sure jerk off from it for the benefit of their health. You might wonder, is masturbation healthy ? We will have a look at some of the health benefits of masturbation for men, and why you should not worry of masturbating everyday.

Helps you have a better and sound sleep

By jerking off (in free sex shows with cam girls for example), your body releases feel good hormones like oxytocin and prolactin which are associated with good moods and relaxation. Your body is relieved and you get to enjoy sound sleeps. If you are finding it hard to get sound sleep, you can visit our webcam site, hook up, wank off and you will have better sleep.

Boosts your immunity

Masturbation raises the levels of white blood cells and natural killer cells which are essential in protecting the body against infections according to Ian Kerner. Hormones such as cortisol are also produced which helps boost your immunity. This is according to Dr. Nahesh, a sex health consultant.

Helps prevent STDs

Having a ‘solo me time’ helps reduce the risks of contracting sexually transmitted infections. All this because you take the matters in your own hands and that no one can infect you when you are alone. Masturbation has been ruled as the safest sexual activity that you can engage in, with no fear of infections.

Helps you last longer in bed

A small study in California showed that masturbating some few hours before having the actual sex with your partner will make you last longer before you can ejaculate again. This helps boost your esteem in bed and your power to control your ejaculations and make them last longer.

Prevents prostate cancer

Prostate cancer-causing toxins may build up in your urogenital tract. When you wank off, they are flushed out and this reduces the risks of one getting prostate cancer. A study in Canada showed that men who jerk off four to five times a week are less likely to be infected with prostate cancer.

Masturbation makes you harder

Masturbating on regular basis helps you to exercise and work out your pelvic floor muscles and this helps you to rule out the chances of erectile dysfunction. This helps in preventing lose of muscle tone and strength which manifests itself with age. Regular masturbation is therefore key in making sure that you maintain your penis hardness as your age.

Masturbation releases tension and stress

Having an orgasm releases feel good hormones in your brain. Hormones such as endorphins, adrenaline, endocannabinoids and prolactin.  Endorphins and prolactin help in stress management while endocannabinoids reduce tension. Adrenaline lowers stress.

Improve focus and concentration

Masturbation increases levels of hormones such as dopamine in the blood. The hormone is associated with improving focus and concentration, a 2020 study shows. By masturbating and increasing the levels of dopamine in your body, your focus and concentration also improves.

Reduced blood pressure

Hormones released during masturbation such as oxytocin and endocannabinoids are essential in regulating and reducing the blood pressure. By raising the levels of these hormones in your body, the chances of high blood pressure are greatly reduced.

Masturbation enables you to know your body better

Having your ‘me time’ allows you to explore your body in the best manner. You get to know how best your penis is, how big and strong it is. The things that turns you on and your turnoffs. Exploring your body and getting to know it helps you perform better in the actual act of having sex with your partner as you get to know what you should do to maintain or raise your libido and what you should not do. Exploring and knowing your body will also give you confidence and make you have an improved body image.

Masturbation (and mutual masturbation with a partner) is of great importance to your health and practicing it on regular basis is one of the best pleasure of many in their sexual life. No matter what your fetishes are, whether you’re an amateur of a good lesbian pussy, big tits, big dick, ebony, latin, asian cams or more, do not jerk off alone by watching our webcams chat rooms for free. Always remember to use safe masturbation techniques such as using lubrication.

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6 Responses to Is masturbation healthy : 10 reasons it is good for you

  1. gogonow says:

    Masturbation can increase your sperm count if done regularly over many weeks. This effect was seen in studies conducted at the University of Montreal.
    There’s no need to worry though, as masturbation does not increase the chances of getting erectile dysfunction. In fact, it has been shown to decrease the chance of having impotence due to psychological factors. As well, it helps in preventing premature ejaculation.

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  3. brianjerk says:

    Why is masturbation good ? It stimulates our imagination and makes us creative. It helps us explore alternate sexual preferences. It strengthens our immune system and reduces stress levels and above all…it’s fun!!!

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  6. sweetguy45 says:

    For mental health, jerking off is so damn good : Its benefits are numerous.

    1) It feels really fucking good
    4) You can be spontaneous
    3) It helps you relax
    2) It’s kind of like having sex but without actually having sex
    1) Your brain learns that you like doing it

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