How to make masturbation feel better ?

masturbation with porn

Masturbation is a natural and fun way to satisfy your sexual desires. It is something everyone does at some point in his or her life. Many people do it regularly, while others only do it occasionally. There are many reasons why people masturbate, including stress relief, pleasure, relaxation, and excitement. But most importantly, masturbation is a healthy habit that helps to promote mental and physical wellness. Indeed, masturbation can sometimes be an escape from everyday stresses and pains, but when it doesn’t give you what you want out of it, it just becomes an empty routine. Whether you’re single, dating, married, or in a relationship, its lack of pleasure felt by many people makes us wonder : how to improve masturbation and its associated pleasures ? In this article, Fruitycams will list you the best methods to make masturbation feel better and rekindle this special feeling you lost by time.

How to improve your masturbation sessions ?

If you have been masturbating for awhile and it feels great but then it stops feeling good and you start getting tired and bored with it, it’s probably time to switch things up ! The first step towards improvement is to understand what makes you feel aroused or satisfied. This could include anything from sexual fantasies, sex scenes in movies, porn videos, cam sites, or even just being able to touch yourself. Once you know what turns you on, you can use techniques to improve your masturbation sessions. You can never run out of things to do when it comes to masturbation. Experimenting with different toys, finding new positions, and learning new tricks can add variety to your routine and help you reach orgasm faster. You should always strive to stay fresh and exciting when it comes to your own personal pleasure. Don’t limit yourself to only doing the same routine over and over again. Variety keeps everything interesting and exciting ! Here’s some advice on how to spice things up !

Take breaks

It’s not uncommon to think about sex all day long. In fact, people who are sexually active have higher levels of dopamine, the hormone associated with pleasure. When your brain releases high levels of dopamine, your body begins to seek out excitement. If you frequently release high amounts of dopamine into your system, you may start to crave stimulation. This can lead to increased frequency of masturbation and becomes an empty routine. For more pleasure during climax, try to hold back and space out your masturbation sessions. It is not uncommon for some to become addicted and forget the pleasure it provides. The more your masturbations are spaced out, the more your masturbation feels better.

Use masturbation techniques

There are masturbation techniques just as varied as the others freely available on the internet. Do not hesitate to search for it and test as many as possible. Stick to the one you like the most.

Jerk off at different times

The ideal time to have an orgasm is one of the most important questions to ask yourself in order to enjoy your moment of pleasure. Here are the best times of day to jerk off.

Morning (6 AM- Noon)

This time is good if you want to release some tension after waking up. You may even decide to jerk off while still half asleep.

Afternoon (Noon – 6 PM)

If you’re able to keep yourself focused during workdays, then this is probably your best bet to get things done. If you are tired and feeling stressed out, maybe you should try this instead.

Evening (6 PM – Midnight)

It’s not uncommon for people to have sex in their bedrooms after a long day of work. This is definitely one of the best times to relax.

Night (Midnight – 6 AM)

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, this might be the best time to masturbate. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep while doing so.

Use toys

Sex toys are another way to help you masturbate more comfortably. Different people enjoy different things when it comes to sex toys, but they all serve the same purpose — to provide extra stimulation when you’re trying to reach climax. These products aren’t necessarily necessary, but they can certainly enhance your experience. The most popular type of toy today are vibrators, but some people also enjoy anal beads, butt plugs, and cock rings which can help you last longer).

Jerk off with models

Many people use porn to fulfill their cravings, but eventually the videos lose their appeal and they begin looking for something else to fill that void. You might consider changing on what you should jerk off to. Make sure that any stimulation you use is enjoyable. Maybe try toys that stimulate differently than others, and play around with those sensations. If you enjoy getting off with vibrators or having sex with partners, do it ! But if you don’t enjoy certain activities, maybe cut them out until they start working for you again. If you’re used to porn, you should look for other alternatives such has masturbating with real persons. Interacting with other humans could increase your level of pleasure. Visit our chat rooms and see by yourself.

The most important point to make masturbation feel better : Experiment new things. Don’t stick to just one type of stimulation, change things up ! See if you can figure out what works best for you using other methods. Accept that masturbation is only temporary pleasure. Yes, you can masturbate whenever you want, but you can’t necessarily expect to get the same level of satisfaction from each experience. In fact, after a while, you might start to crave the sensations you were getting earlier. That’s okay ! Just keep doing what feels right, and know that you’ll eventually find something new to explore.

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