Cam girls reveal the most fantasies request


The biggest secrets surface in the private shows that cam models have with their viewers. What happens in a webcam chat room, stays in the webcam chat room. However, analytics data indicates that some fantasies are more popular than others. FruityCams lists the 6 most requested fantasies to camgirls in the webcam industry.


Everyone knows that women who squirt are in high demand and appreciated, so it’s no surprise to see them at the 1st place of the biggest fantasies of cam viewers. The reason ? This may be because not all women know how to squirt, so men see this as a form of hard-to-achieve freak. Also, squirting may be associated by some with the ejaculation a man might have, and therefore the final moment of orgasm. Remember that not all women squirt the same way and to the same amount. Some can take a few drops while others are real squirters. Discovering how a model will squirt by exciting her and vibrating her sex toy from a distance can be very exciting.

Also, squirting shows the intense pleasure a woman can feel. Watching a woman take so much pleasure is undeniably very exciting.

Foot fetish

A very great classic of fantasies that is reflected in the data of the online adult industry. Very often misunderstood by those not attracted to this fantasy, foot fetish is enjoyed by more people than you might think. Associated with a form of domination or superiority by some, it is a very big niche and many models, women and men have understood it well. Some cam models even specialize in this practice and manage to make a substantial profit from it.

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Anal play is a growing fantasy. When we talk about anal fetish, it goes beyond a couple having anal sex, it can start with finger play up to having fun with huge dildos (or other objects) live cam in the ass .


The popularity of BDSM is also growing very quickly. Surely influenced by the release of 50 Shades of Grey, games of bondage, domination and submission are commonplace among users’ fantasies. Some people find pleasure in pain and in submitting to others, while others enjoy taking control over their partner.


What was initially a way for fans to show their infatuation with a certain character has become one of the biggest fantasies on the internet. Influenced by the media, internet, social networks or video games, cosplay is booming. If you had ever fantasized about a character from a video game or an anime, among other things, then you should be won over by cosplay cam rooms.

Group sex

As the name suggests, group sex is when more than two people engage in a sexual act. There are many forms of group sex. Gang bang is one of these : when 3 or more individuals are focused solely on a person. There are also orgies where each person engages in a sexual act with anyone else together. It is quite common to come across this kind of practice on cam sites.

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I love watching foot fetish sex. Whether it is cam or porn, I can’t get enough


Nothing better than watching girls squirting *drooling*


Cosplay + big tits = BEST